Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Your Yoga Poses Aren't 5,000 Years Old...

Your Yoga Poses Aren't 5,000 Years Old: A New Perspective On "Old " Yoga

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  1. To me, Sadie Nadini comes off as a wee bit pedantic. Personally, I love teaching kids to hoot like a barred owl when doing a seated twist. And yes, to the teacher's chagrin, I sometimes do it in the adult class too.... adding moola banha to that just makes it louder! It's fun. And I'm a traditionalist.

    Her article brought this to mind too (I can't figure out how to start my own thread on this blog, so I'll throw it in here):

    Do you really want to be free?

    I think skepticism is very admirable, and rather unusual. The history of the world reveals that people are drawn to those who provide a strong, uncompromising teaching. We're drawn to those who say, "This is it, and everyone else is wrong." Certainly we see this pattern in contemporary politics, but we also see abuse of this sort within spiritual circles. It makes you wonder: Do we really want freedom? Can we handle the responsibility? Or would we just prefer to have an impressive teacher, someone who can give us the answers and do all the hard work for us?

    –Larry Rosenberg, from "The Right to Ask Questions," Tricycle, Fall 2003

    From Tricycle's Daily Dharma, September 7, 2009

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