Thursday, November 12, 2009

Patanjali's Sutras - Unplugged and Deconstructed

Although more than familiar with the 196 sutras of Patanjali's these past 25 years, of most immediate interest is the different ways in which they connect (and disconnect).

First, select 3-5 different translations and commentaries.
Then, read and reflect on the translations themselves.
Only then, consider the commentaries.
Next, perform a comparative study, referencing and cross-referencing.

What did you learn?

My sense is that we, as sincere students and practitioners of Yoga (Yuj/Union), have an obligation to ourselves and each other to balance "holy writ" with life practice. I have come to believe that Yoga practice (and philosophical study) can be indispensable instruments for not only coping, but succeeding in realizing a transformative and transcendent life experience.

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