Friday, August 14, 2009

Dhyana, Focused Concentration, Meditation...Mastery

According to Patanjali, Dhyana (Focused Concentration/Meditation) is the seventh rung of an eight rung ladder of a life practice that leads to Samadhi.

Where does Meditation fit in your overall Yoga practice?
Do you believe that it is necessary for Enlightenment?
Does it matter?

This morning, we had 17 children visit us. This is a weekly visit that involves a little Asana/Pranayama and a little philosophical discussion around the practical matters of life. Upon witnessing several of the children executing the Lotus Pose, the open discussion evolved into the issue of "Mastery". How is it that we can become a Master? What have we Mastered before? By the way, one girl said a song on the piano. We then discussed how it feels to Master some activity. Finally, we talked about what it means to Master ourselves. And, how life might be different if we acquired greater Mastery within, rather than attempting to change the outside world.

What have you Mastered? How did it feel? What place does Yoga occupy in your attempts to Master yourself?

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